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New Brewery Progress

Here at Wadworth, we’re proud of our past and fired up by our future and it’s all systems go on our new brewery site in Devizes.

Back in November 2021 we published our intention to move to a new modern brewing facility, and we engaged with the local community to gather feedback on our plans. The new site, just a 5-minute drive from the current brewery, on Folly Road in Devizes, is being worked on in preparation for opening middle to end 2023.

Our existing 1885 Wadworth brewery is a Grade II listed building and much of the plant, equipment and main brewery building is coming to the end of its useful life. The beer market has changed and the current brewery is too big, inefficient and inflexible for our needs moving forward. The new brewery will allow us to diversify our beer offer and in turn, support our pubs and customers more effectively. We will continue to brew our traditional ales including 6X, Horizon and Henry’s IPA alongside a new beer portfolio.

We are passionate about working with partners who share our values and we are delighted that local family businesses, Gaiger and Dolman, are our building contractors and our building surveyors respectively. For all other trades, the majority of suppliers and contractors are also from the local area.

We are also fully aware of our environmental responsibilities and the move to our new site gives us the opportunity to make significant changes to enhance our sustainability credentials. Some examples include:

  • Natural refrigerant gases used in our advanced refrigeration technology
  • Reduced reliance on local town water usage by using boreholes
  • Reduced bulk tanker deliveries by generating food grade nitrogen on-site
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced waste in the building by:
    • Fitting the site with sensor controlled LEDs
    • Installing a new lightweight roof providing excellent thermal properties and improved insulation, reducing energy demands to heat and cool the building
    • The new roof design also allows for greater natural light - reducing the need for energy use in artificial light
    • Long term plan for solar panel use
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced waste from the new brewing kit including:
    • Improved insulation brewing kit
    • Ultra-efficient steam generator that reduces our brewery boiler warming times from 4.5 hours to 7 mins
    • Smaller batch sizes brewed more frequently will allow a much greater use of recovered heat used to boil the wort, thus reducing the need for primary energy
    • Latest technology to allow a reduced evaporation rate during the boil further reduces primary energy need
    • Reduced losses, no longer sending down large pipe runs
    • Reduced road miles as we will be able to package our own small pack, cans and bottles

We will continue to provide updates of our progress so please do keep an eye on our news page as well as following us on Facebook.

For any enquiries please email: